Travelwise is a national campaign to reduce dependence on the car and promote the use of healthy and environmentally-friendly transport.

Car ownership is one of the highest in the country, 83% of households in Dorset have access to a private car. Traffic has grown by 70% over the last 20 years, with growth on some roads of over 100%.

What you can do

A small change in lifestyle is really easy and can make a big difference. Travelwise is not 'anti-car' but asks people to consider how they can use the car more efficiently and whether for some journeys (for example once a week to work), they could use an alternative mode of transport.

Car sharing

Car sharing is a great way to reduce peak time congestion - where 2 people share the problem is literally halved! Encourage your employees to register with Liftshare to find a perfect travel partner and feel the benefits of car sharing:

  • save money 
  • reduce parking problems
  • help reduce congestion and air pollution
  • reduce your stress

Getting the most out of your car

  • drive off: an idling engine produces 80% more pollution than a vehicle in motion
  • be smooth: braking and accelerating increases fuel consumption by 20%, sharp accelerations produce 50% more pollutants
  • drive in the right gear: change up to a higher gear as soon as possible
  • slow down: 40-55mph is the most economical speed (at 70mph you use 30% more fuel than at 50mph)
  • remove roof racks, roof boxes etc when not in use: these can add 15% onto fuel costs

More information can be found on the VCA website.


Walking is an easy, reliable alternative to short car journeys. It can be used as part of your exercise routine and does not cost you anything. In fact, it can save you money otherwise spent at the gym or on petrol.

Walking for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week will:

  • reduce your risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure
  • help to control your weight and cope with stress


Cycling is a great way to get to work- there is an increasing network of cycle lanes now available and free parking wherever you go! 


  • it only takes about 10 minutes to cycle 2 miles, which is often faster than going by car
  • cycling burns 300 calories an hour-by making it part of your daily routine, any weight you lose is more likely to stay off

Public transport

Buses and trains have improved beyond all recognition in the last 10 years. Ridership in Poole is increasing dramatically thanks to investment in new vehicles with luxury seating, air conditioning and CCTV for your security. Buses are also benefitting from priority at road junctions and improved waiting facilities with electronic departure screens to tell you the time of your next bus. 

By using a bus or train, you'll be directly reducing the number of cars on the road, helping to reduce congestion and air pollution. Whilst someone else drives, you can relax, read or work.

For journey planning information on all public transport modes, visit the traveline website.

We know that a lack of up to date information is one of the biggest barriers to trying alternative ways of getting around, especially when compared to the convenience of the car on the drive. The good news is that Poole and Bournemouth's joint website Getting about provides a handy one stop shop for all the information you and your workforce may require. 

In addition, we have travel packs available with all the latest bus and train timetables, cycle/walking maps, plus carshare and taxi information too. For a trial pack please email We can also supply these in greater quantities to businesses in Poole, a small charge is payable for this.

Page last updated: 12 February 2019
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