Local transport plan

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) explains broadly how the authority will meet the needs of the community in terms of better transport. This goes beyond simply increasing the capacity of the road network, but shows how we will make jobs, education, health and other services more accessible by a range of transport modes, and how we will ensure people can move safely around the conurbation.

Better transport can have wide ranging benefits by reducing 'social exclusion' that results from poor access to basic services, contributing towards economic growth, improving the quality of life in our settlements and maintaining and enhancing the quality of the natural environment. There are of course many negative effects of transport such as the frustration caused by congestion, the effect of pollution from traffic on our health, and the visual clutter that can sometimes result from transport schemes.

The LTP sets out a transport strategy and implementation programme that takes these complex issues into account, and contains a set of targets that enables us to measure whether we are achieving the aims of the strategy as the plan is implemented.

Progress and success with the LTP is also assessed by the government to determine how much funding we receive to implement future transport schemes and initiatives.

Dorset local transport plan 2011-2026 (LTP 3)

The next Local Transport Plan for 2011-2026 has been prepared for the whole of Dorset including Dorset County Council and the Bournemouth and Poole Unitary Authorities. This is so that transport planning for the area can be better coordinated and delivered more effectively and economically. LPT3 has been approved and adopted by all three authorities and submitted to the Department of Transport. LTP3 can be viewed and downloaded here.

Page last updated: 14 June 2019
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