Walls or fences along the highway

Generally the walls and fences that surround properties or land adjacent to highway are erected and maintained by the land owner. These are erected to provide security, privacy and to mark boundaries between different landowners. Transportation Services, as the local highway authority, will usually maintain and repair:

  • walls constructed to support the highway - these are called highway retaining walls
  • walls retaining land that has been excavated in order to construct the highway
  • safety fences (crash barriers), adjacent to the highway, providing safety from adjacent obstructions or safety hazards, for example, steep embankment, water course etc

Report a wall or fence in disrepair

If you wish to report anything regarding a wall or fence that could affect the safe use of the highway, please use our form.

It will help us if you can provide as much detail as possible, such as:

  • street name and adjacent property number
  • details of the state of the wall or fence
  • your name and contact number
Page last updated: 25 February 2021
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