Road obstructions and nuisance vehicles

This page aims to cover the most common obstructions of both the road and pavement. If you need to report any of these obstructions, please use our form.

Use this service to:

  • report obstructions on a road or pavement


If the obstruction is an emergency please phone us on:

Goods and materials left in the road or on a pavement

Most commonly these will be found adjacent to building projects. They represent a health and safety hazard so please report it so we can arrange for an officer to investigate this further to arrange for the hazard to be removed.

If the obstruction is on public land and is being caused by fly tipping this should be reportedto Environmental & Consumer Protection.

Vehicles causing a short term obstruction

This is often a temporary obstruction (for example, a delivery being made) and as a result it is impossible for us to investigate these on an individual basis. However, if this is an ongoing nuisance please report it and we will investigate.

Large vehicles

If the vehicle is a large commercial vehicle (for example, a LGV) and regularly parks on the road overnight, then please seek advice from the Western Traffic Commissioners on 0870 606 0440 and provide them with as much information as possible including the vehicle registration number.

We are unable to take action against smaller commercial vehicles which are legally parked and taxed.

Public utility vehicles

Public utility vehicles (for example, gas, electricity, water, council) may park on highways and undertake work as long as they are marked by cones and signs. In the event signs and cones are not visible they represent a potential safety risk and we need to know about it so we can investigate it further. Please report it and we will look into the issue.

Traffic cones

If cones are causing an obstruction on the highway representing a safety risk, please call us on 01202 265255.

Neither the police or us provide cones or grant permission to individuals for the use of cones to restrict parking.

If you are organising an event which is likely to require the use of cones, this would need to be part of the discussions with the event’s Safety Advisory Group. For more information about organising an event in Poole, visit our organising an event section.

Caravan/trailer/boat in the road

It is illegal to park an un-motorised caravan, trailer or boat on the road if this presents a risk to other road users or causes an obstruction. Use the report it form to provide us with details of the obstruction.

Cars for sale on the road

The laws relating to cars being advertised for sale on the road, in lay-bys and public land are complex. However, we recognise that these can cause a nuisance to residents and hazards to road users.

If the car is parked legally and taxed it is acceptable for private individuals to sell vehicles on the road and in these cases we are unable to take action.

In the event that there are multiple cars with the same telephone number we will investigate reports to establish whether any laws are being broken and take action where appropriate. Please supply as much information as possible using our form.

Parking issues

Civil Enforcement Officers are responsible for dealing with obstructions on the road and pavements where waiting restrictions apply, such as yellow lines, they can issue penalty charge notices. 

Dorset Police are responsible for dealing with obstructions of the road and pavements, including verges, where no other parking restrictions are in force. You can contact the police on 101.

If damage has been caused to a verge by a vehicle, please report it to us so that we can investigate it and arrange for repair work to be undertaken. Please supply as much information as possible.

Page last updated: 25 February 2021
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