Street cleaning

If you need emergency help please call us on 01202 123123, 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, or 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays.

Or call us on 0800 506050 at any other time.

Use this service to:

  • report a street cleansing issue on council owned (public) land

Don't use this service to:

  • report a street cleansing issue on private land

Completing this form takes around 5 minutes.


You will need to tell us:

  • the location of the issue
  • any additional information that can help us locate the issue
  • your contact details if you want us to update you

You can also upload a picture.

You can pay for us to clean on private property or land. Please call us on 01202 096567.

What we can do

We can:

  • cleanse all adopted roads, footpaths, parks and open spaces in Poole
  • provide a chargeable service for cleansing private land

We aim to respond immediately to:

  • road traffic incidents
  • broken glass
  • fuel spillage
  • offensive graffiti
  • imminent risks to health, or acute pollution of the environment

Streets are swept daily between 6:30am and 10pm during summer and 6:30am and 5:30pm during winter.

Any requests for the additional cleansing of the following roads may be subject to unavoidable delay due to the scheduling of resources:

  • A35 Holes Bay
  • Upton Road (A35)
  • Holes Bay Road (A350)
  • Dorset Way (A3049)
  • Canford Way (A3049)
  • Ringwood Road (A3048)
  • Waterloo Road (A349)
  • Wimborne Bypass (small section A31 + A349)
  • Arrowsmith Lane
  • Broadstone Way (A349)

How you can help

If you have a hedge outside your property, make sure it does not obstruct or overhang any footpaths. Vegetation overhanging the highway is a hazard to people walking by and an obstruction to our staff trying to clean pavements. High hedges can also be a nuisance.

If you have a gravel driveway, make sure it does not encroach onto the public highway. Loose gravel is a hazard to people using the footpath and an additional pressure on the cleansing service.

Dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets can receive a fixed penalty notice.

Use a litter bin. If you are caught littering you could receive a fixed penalty notice.

Page last updated: 07 September 2021
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