Road and pavement obstructions

Examples of types of obstruction include:

  • builders' skips or materials
  • scaffolding/hoardings
  • temporary works including traffic lights
  • overhanging shrubs, brambles and hedges
  • overgrown plants and bushes
  • mud/debris on the road
  • rocks/boulders
  • mixing concrete/mortar on the highway
  • unauthorised vendors/traders
  • encroachment of highway boundaries (where ownership of areas of the highway has been unlawfully assumed)
  • discharge of water onto the highway
  • blocking of rights of way
  • illegal signs
  • advertising boards
  • dangerously hung banners or bunting
  • barriers around roadworks that affect public safety

Report road or pavement obstructions

Use this service to:

  • report obstructions on a road or pavement

Do not use this service to report:

  • vehicles parked on double yellow lines or other parking enforcement/restriction issues: email
  • inconsiderate parking: call Dorset Police on 101 with details


You will need to let us know the:

  • exact location
  • type of obstruction and whether it represents a safety hazard
  • who or what is causing the obstruction (if known)
  • your name and contact details (optional)
Page last updated: 26 April 2021
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