Cycle training

Bikeability is our national cycle training scheme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better. It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills.

We offer training in our schools, but you can also book onto one of our public Bikeability courses online.

School training

School training can be tailored to the requirements of the school. We currently run free Balance, Level 1&2 and Level 3 courses. If you are interested in training, then please email

Your school may already have signed up to receive Bikeability sessions. Contact your school direct or email to find out if any sessions are scheduled.

Public holiday training

This two day course is a combined level 1 & 2 Bikeability course, and children must attend both days. 

Level 1 focuses on the skills necessary to be able to control a bike. The training takes place in a secure environment away from cars and traffic.  We will check helmets are correctly fitted and the bikes are roadworthy.  Training will include the use of gears, riding whilst signalling, emergency stops and negotiating obstacles, looking all around you, including behind.  Although this is a two day course, encompassing both Level 1 and Level 2, children must pass Level 1 before being able to progress onto Level 2.

Level 2 is delivered on local, residential roads. It gives riders a real cycling experience that equips them with skills to deal with traffic on short local journeys, such as cycling to school or the local shops. Level 2 will encourage and develop safe cycling skills, develop positive attitudes towards road use, increase knowledge and understanding of the road and traffic environment and give riders the confidence to use their bicycles on local road. Riders will learn how to:

  • start and finish a journey
  • pass side roads and parked vehicles
  • make left, right and U turns
  • understand where to position yourself when riding on the road
  • to be aware of everything around them whilst riding
  • to explain decisions made during cycling and thereby demonstrate understanding of a safe cycling strategy.

Children who have successfully completed Level 1 and 2 and are already an experienced and confident cyclist can progress to our 

Our level 3 Bikeability course gives children the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions. This allows them to experience many different types of roads and more challenging traffic scenarios.

The course covers responding to hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments, passing queuing traffic, understanding advanced road positioning, hazard perception and strategies to deal with hazards, understanding driver blind spots, particularly for large vehicles, reacting to hazardous road surfaces and route planning for safer cycling.

Before you book your child on this course, please watch the Bikeability video, to understand the course outcomes and what is expected of your child during the course. This is not a course that your child should normally complete straight after completing Level 1 and 2 without any further practice. Level 3 is normally offered to secondary school children. However, if the instructor agrees, we may train children in Year 6 who excelled in Level 1 and 2 training.

Please note that we do not allow the use of BMX bikes on a Level 3 course due to the restrictions they place on the rider's vision and mobility. 

The course takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

The courses take place at Kings Park Cycle Centre and are available to children who:

  • are aged between 9 and 16 years old for Level 1 and 2
  • can ride a bike one handed in order to indicate and look over their shoulder
  • have their own bike and helmet and have permission from a parent or carer to take part
  • live or go to school in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area.


We are not running courses in Poole park this year due to COVID-19 however will look to restart them in Poole next year.


Our instructors are all fully qualified to the National Standard, are DBS checked, first aid trained and receive annual Safeguarding Training.


We will shortly be introducing an online payment system for our public Bikeability courses (£10 per person).  These charges will be introduced once the new booking system has been changed to accept online payments. If you book a course before the new online payment system is in place, you will not be charged but please note that these charges will be introduced soon.  Our Bikeability Scheme is part-subsidised by The Bikeability Trust via DfT funding.

There is currently no telephone number for enquiries, so please contact us by email at When you book your child onto a course, you will be given both a number to contact the Road Safety team on and mobile telephone numbers for your child's instructors on the day.

Sometimes emails may get caught in the junk or spam folder. We recommend you check these folders if you are expecting an email from us.

Page last updated: 24 March 2021
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