Landscaping and floral displays

The main purpose of landscaping is to provide planting, which breaks up the hard landscape, softens hard lines and which promotes a green environment. We determine the provision of schemes and arranges replanting and replacement landscaping.

Landscaping includes:

  • planting on informal open spaces
  • verge planting
  • landscaping around residential areas and estates
  • road calming planters


There are over 68 kilometres of maintained hedges across Poole. These include:

  • formal hedges in parks - these consist of ornamental plant species
  • rural hedges and hedges bordering dual carriageways - these are mostly native plant species and are usually cut with tractor mounted equipment

The Greenspace Maintenance Team are responsible for:

  • cutting (normally) once a year, outside the bird nesting season
  • cutting to ensure there is no obstruction or overhangs on roads and pavements
  • cutting around street signs and furniture
  • clearing cuttings from paths, pavements and roads

We are not responsible for managing private boundaries, hedges, nor creating or maintaining views.


We manage more than 17 hectares of shrub beds, rose beds and rockeries.

Beds are not dug over as this can damage the roots of shrubs, disturbs dormant weed seeds so producing a fresh habitat for weed growth. Fallen leaves, needles and pinecones are generally left on beds providing a natural mulch. Leaving this natural debris returns nutrients to the soil and provides a valuable habitat for many invertebrates. These invertebrates, in turn, provide valuable food for birds such as blackbirds and robins that you will see sifting through leaves for food during the winter months.

What the greenspace maintenance team are responsible for

  • pruning to control overall size, shape and growth habit or to recognised horticultural standards
  • keeping areas reasonably weed free
  • pruning away from windows, paths, pavements and clearing traffic sight lines
  • returning composted material / chippings to beds and mulching rose beds annually
  • controlling pests and diseases on roses
  • removing litter when on a routine maintenance visit

We are not responsible for cutting back vegetation which overhangs private property, except as a result of normal maintenance works; nor will it manage landscaping to maintain or create private views.

Floral displays

Every year around 150,000 bedding plants and 16,000 bulbs are planted in ornamental flower displays in parks, gardens and roundabouts across the borough. On some roundabouts, we operate a roundabout sponsorship scheme with sponsors.

High quality horticultural floral displays can be found near or in areas such as:

  • formal areas in Poole Park
  • sea front gardens and chines
  • town centre roundabouts
Time of year  Planting schemes determined in:  Planting takes place in: 
 Spring displays  May  October
 Summer displays  October  May/June

Page last updated: 28 February 2019
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