Poole has over 1067 hectares of greenspace. That's the equivalent of 1491 Wembley-sized football pitches. It covers nearly 20% of the borough's surface and is made up of:

  • 9 borough parks
  • 10 local parks
  • 9 small local parks
  • 23 natural habitats
  • 10 cemeteries, closed churchyards and the crematorium

Classification of parks are based on the existing or targeted classifications identified in the Open Spaces Strategy 2004.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

The Borough of Poole is a Section 28G authority - a public body, as defined under section 28G of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and has a duty to conserve and improve SSSIs and to consult Natural England before carrying out or permitting operations that can damage SSSIs.

Natural habitat designations

LNR, SSSI, SPA, Ramsar all of which we have in Poole.

Your boundary

If you have a boundary which backs onto a greenspace you are responsible for the upkeep of that boundary.

This includes managing any vegetation which overhangs the boundary into your property.

We are happy for you to clear any vegetation which is affecting the boundary structure, such as a wall or fence. This includes clearing vegetation so you can paint your fence, or removing ivy on your wall.

Please do not remove any landscaping vegetation which is growing on council land. If you need to access to your boundary from the greenspace, please try not to cause any damage to the vegetation or land.

Keep in mind that you need to check the designation of any land or vegetation before you begin work on it. You will also need to dispose of any waste which you generate from the work.

Vegetation damage to a property

All claims for compensation to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council must be done so in writing either via post or email to:

Insurance Team
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council
Town Hall
Bourne Avenue


The letter/email must contain:

  • full name and postal address
  • the exact date and approximate time of the incident
  • the exact location of the incident (including the postcode)
  • circumstances of the incident
  • full details of the loss suffered (if this involves a vehicle, please include the make, colour and registration number)
Page last updated: 07 August 2019
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