Guide to using your allotment

3. Allotment site safety

If you spot anything you think may be a hazard or cause injury to other allotment users, please contact or call 01202 262500.

Please follow these simple rules to help us make sure the sites are safe:

  • always lock the allotment gates when you arrive at and leave the site
  • always keep chemicals in clearly marked containers and in a locked and secure store; follow this HSE guidance on storing chemicals
  • never pour chemicals or other hazardous substances into other containers such as plastic soft drinks bottles
  • never get rid of old chemicals on your plot or into water courses as this can contaminate water and harm wildlife
  • if you need petrol for machinery, please keep stored amounts to a minimum and make sure it is always locked away
  • bonfires: please try to avoid having a bonfire on your plot; if you do need to have one, please follow our bonfire guidance
  • keep all pets under control; please keep your dog on a lead at all times when on your plot
  • if you cut yourself while working on the allotment, please find out if you need a tetanus injection
  • keep hedges trimmed in line with the terms of your allotment agreement
  • cover the tops of garden canes with bottle lids or cartons to prevent injury
  • if you want to create a pond on your plot, please remember they can be a drowning risk
  • keep your plot and its surroundings tidy; try to compost as much as you can to minimise landfill
  • report any damage to fences or gates to or call 01202 262500
  • contact the police and if you notice vandalism or theft from your allotment site
Page last updated: 26 April 2019
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