Data protection and security

Any planning application and its associated paperwork is published lawfully as a public register for consultation, in accordance with planning legislation. This information is held manually and electronically and is used only for planning purposes.

Inappropriate use of included personal information by participants or other website visitors will incur legal penalties. Internet service providers and investigating authorities are increasingly better equipped at tracing and prosecuting offenders nationally and internationally.

Whilst publishing on the internet all the information relating to any planning application, the Borough of Poole have taken into consideration advice circulated by the Information Commissioner. Members of the public who are concerned about the use of general personal data security are advised to visit the Information Commissioner website.

The Borough of Poole will make every effort to blank out personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures on documents scanned and submitted to Planning and Regeneration Services after January 1st 2006. This information will still be viewable and copies available to the public when visits are made to the office to view the original files.

We respectfully remind those wishing to make representation to the council that any objection or support must be rational, impersonal and directed principally to the planning issues raised by the proposal. Comments of a personal, slanderous, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or abusive nature are not constructive or helpful to the process of determining a planning application.

Information scanned prior to January 1st 2006 has been published on the Internet in its entirety. Requests to remove personal data will be considered if anyone has any concerns about the personal data that is displayed on the internet. Please email giving the full application number of the file and details of the document containing the information, eg date of letter.

We, along with the planning portal will be encouraging applicants and members of the public to use the online facilities available for making planning applications and commenting on planning applications. Systems are continually being improved and developed which will take into account updated advice from government.

One example being that no physical signature is now required if making an online submission of comments to a planning application or submitting a planning application online. Additionally telephone numbers, email addresses or signatures are not required when making a comment about a planning application.

If you require any further details please contact the Planning and Regeneration Services office by email or telephone 01202 633321.

Page last updated: 11 June 2019
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