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The Poole Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document was adopted by council on 15 December 2015 and provides an updated framework to guide development, facilitate positive change and ensure that high quality place making is embedded into future development projects. The rejuvenation of the town centre is a high priority of the council and is identified within the council’s Corporate Strategy and Local Development Plan. This new SPD will replace the 2004 guidance which was instrumental in shaping development in Poole.

Developments included the Twin Sails Bridge, ASDA, Poole Quarter, the new RNLI buildings and development on the former Pilkington Tiles factory. The SPD has been informed by responses received from a ten week consultation held between 20 January and 31 March 2015. In addition to the SPD the Consultation Statement and Adoption Statement have also been published.

Access and movement

An important component of the refresh was clarifying how people will access and move around the town centre in the future. To help with this process the council developed a computerised transport model to assess the impact of different changes to the transport network. Various consultations and workshops have also taken place regarding just the access and movement element of the SPD.

Background research

Before the council began updating the 2004 guidance an independent appraisal was undertaken to test the validity of the document. This appraisal was undertaken in 2010 by Mike Hayes a planning professional with the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE, now part of the Design Council).

The review concluded that the guidance continues to provide a strong urban design framework to guide the development of individual sites, provide infrastructure and create a unique, high quality place. The report also recognised that Poole’s Local Development Plan provides a strong policy base upon which to update and refresh the guidance.

Initial public consultation on refreshing the guidance took place in 2012. The object of this exercise was to find out at an early stage what the key issues were, what people like about the original documents, what was working, what was missing and what could be improved. This consultation highlighted that many aspects of the existing guidance remained valid but that the aspects relating to access and movement needed further consideration. It should be noted that developing a preferred approach to access and movement in the town centre will progress previous work that has been undertaken to review the traffic arrangements at Hunger Hill, West Street and West Quay Road.

An audit and analysis of Poole Town Centre was also produced to identify the key issues to be addressed in the SPD. The analysis also identifies seven broad character areas within Poole Town Centre and has considered the strengths, weakness and opportunities that exist within each area.

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