Planning policy and guidance

Find out about the proposals for the location of future development in the Draft Poole Local Plan: Pre-Submission Draft and review of the Community Infrastructure Levy: Draft Charging Schedule.

The Planning Policy and Implementation team prepare strategies and policies to guide development and outcomes in order to safeguard our environment and to provide viable, vibrant and sustainable communities, well into the future. We have an adopted Core Strategy, which explains our land use strategy in detail as part of a suite of planning policy documents, collectively known as the Local Plan. Collectively these documents set out where new development may be allowed and where it may not.

The government advice is that planning applications must be decided in line with these policies unless there is an overriding reason to set them aside. Our commitment to you is that we will use our best efforts to:

  • ensure that the Local Plan is kept up to date
  • ensure that local people help shape policies
  • provide Supplementary Planning Document for sensitive or large sites
  • make sure consultation documents are available at all Poole libraries
  • monitor the implementation of the policies
  • respond to new pressures by proposing new and/or amended policies
  • advise on how you may make representations to proposed policies and inform you of how your views were considered
  • use a variety of consultation techniques to ensure all sections of the community are engaged
  • publish all current work, Supplementary Planning Document and policies on the website
  • acknowledge comments received during consultation periods
  • balance the requirements for development with the conservation of the environment

Development Plan Document

These are statutory documents that set the planning strategy, policies and site allocations for a local authority area:

Work is also currently ongoing on the Poole Local Plan 2013 to 2033.

Neighbourhood Plans

Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan: adopted February 2017.

The draft Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan has been independently examined and, has been subject to modifications to meet Basic Conditions. On the 24 April 2018, the Council agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a referendum. The referendum was held in Broadstone on 7 June 2018. See the results of the referendum. Full Council will meet on 26 June 2018 to make the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan part of the statutory development plan for Poole.

Joint Development Plan Document

These carry the same status as the Development Plan Documents stated above but are prepared in conjunction with other Dorset Local Planning Authorities:

Work is also currently ongoing on the following Development Plan Documents:

Supplementary Planning Document

These are non-statutory documents that supplement the policies and proposals of the Core Strategy and other Development Plan Document's, giving greater detail on design, advice and procedures, which are beyond the scope of the Plan. The following are available as Supplementary Planning Documents:

Supplementary Planning Guidance

These provide greater detail in relation to particular policies or proposals contained in Development Plan Documents, to ensure they are properly understood and applied effectively. Although Supplementary Planning Guidance documents do not have the same status as adopted Development Plan Documents, they are likely to be a material consideration in determining planning applications. Read more about our current Supplementary Planning Guidance documents and advice notes.


The Core Strategy along with the other adopted Development Plan Documents contain an implementing and monitoring section which sets out indicators of achievement against key outcomes with targets monitored accordingly. Other monitoring documents, such as the Community Infrastructure Levy Monitoring Report, are also available on the monitoring page.

Other areas that may be of interest:

The evidence base documents for the Local Plan have been temporarily moved to the Poole Local Plan examination library.

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