Garage conversions

The conversion of a garage into part of a dwelling will require an application, regardless of what the use will be. When undertaking such conversions works it is important to remember the following:

  • the need for adequate ventilation to the room
  • the layout of the converted property
  • waste and soil water drainage, if any bathroom or kitchen appliances are being installed
  • the structure, if any new opening are being formed
  • the heat loss from the walls
  • the need to protect the room from damp
  • the design of any new floor

Please refer to the Borough of Poole LABC guide for extending your home for further information.

Installing new bathrooms and WCs

If any sanitary fittings, WCs, wash hand basins, baths, or showers are to be fitted in any building, the fittings and their drainage will require an application to be made. The need for effective ventilation and drainage should also be considered.

Health and safety

You must ensure that any works to a building will not cause danger to health and safety. You should ensure that your proposal will not affect:

  • flues from heating appliances
  • any ventilation openings which serve heating appliance
  • ventilation openings to rooms
  • any existing means of escape in case of fire routes
Page last updated: 02 April 2019
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