Road closure to be trialled in Poole Park

A partial road closure will be trialled in Poole Park throughout July as part of the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. 

Feedback during previous public consultations clearly showed that park users wanted the level of traffic through the park to be reduced during peak times. 

Therefore the road between the middle car park, near the roundabout, and the Kitchen Restaurant will be closed between 4pm and 6pm every week day from Monday 4 July until Friday 29 July. In addition the park will be open to vehicles an hour earlier at 9am throughout this period. 

The trial aims to

• Support Borough of Poole’s consultation work as part of Poole  Park Life as well as provide evidence of the impact a road closure  might have on traffic volumes and the improvement it provides for  park users. 

• Enable the park to remain open with full access to all car parks,      businesses and concessions, as just a section of the through road  will be closed. 

• Make use of the term time and school holiday traffic flows to  monitor the effects during these periods. 

Throughout the month long trial, Borough of Poole will not only monitor the effects of the road closure but will seek the views of all park users during the final phase of public consultation. Between 11 July and 6 August, park users will be asked to respond to detailed questions to help shape the final Poole Park Life designs. 

Martin Whitchurch, Poole Park Life Project Manager, Borough of Poole, said: "This trial provides an opportunity to assess the impact of a new road closure in the afternoon when a lot of traffic uses Poole Park as a short cut. All of the businesses in the park will be open and accessible, because only the central section of road either side of the war memorial will be closed off. We will be monitoring the effect of the closure and are grateful for the public’s co-operation and understanding through this trial and will be interested to hear their views."

Borough of Poole’s bid to secure £2.7 million for Poole Park from the Heritage Lottery Fund will be submitted at the end of February 2017. 

Further details of the consultation can be viewed at 

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