New 20mph Zones for Poole Town

Three new 20mph zones are being created in a number of densely populated residential areas in the Poole Town, Heckford Park and Longfleet areas of Poole. 

These zones are being proposed in line with simplified guidance from the Department for Transport. Councils are being asked to consider implementing more 20mph zones in residential areas, where traffic is already travelling near this speed, without the need for physical measures such as chicanes or humps. 

The introduction of 20mph zones aims to make streets in densely populated residential areas safer, quieter, cleaner and more pedestrian friendly. 

Councillor Drew Mellor, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: “Our aim is to help improve road safety and, in turn, the quality of life for both young and old residents by promoting more considerate driving. Research has shown that in some areas where 20mph speed limits have been introduced, road casualties have reduced by 15% in just the space of a year.” 

20mph road signs at the entry points into the zones will be installed and 'roundels' or '20' in circles painted on the roads to remind drivers to slow down. 

Notices are currently going up in the affected streets of Poole Town, Heckford Park and Longfleet. Residents will be able to give their views in writing to by 24 March 2016. 

More information about specific roads included in the proposed new 20mph Zones can be found at

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