Council approves continued appointment of Head of Children and Young People's Social Care

Councillors have agreed to extend the appointment of its Interim Head of Children and Young People’s Social Care.

Kevin Jones was first appointed to the post in August 2016. Following last night’s meeting, he will now be offered a new interim contract for a period of up to 12 months.

Andrew Flockhart, Chief Executive, Borough of Poole, said: "Since his appointment last year Mr Jones has led his team with skill and professionalism. I am pleased that council members have agreed to the extension of his appointment, giving us confidence that this vital service will continue to provide support for the most vulnerable children in Poole.

"In light of the ongoing work around potential local government reorganisation, as well as proposals being considered for a shared officer structure with Bournemouth, we are not currently able to recruit a permanent Head of Children and Young People’s Social Care, meaning another interim arrangement is required. We look forward to continuing to work with Mr Jones."

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