Changes to parking concession coming soon

Public feedback has helped shape a revised parking concession scheme in Poole, which will be implemented from 1 July 2016. 

For many years Borough of Poole has been able to offer free parking in all its pay and display car parks for vehicles which are Disability Tax Exempt. Due to changes by the DVLA, information on such vehicles is no longer freely available. Together with the fact that the council is no longer able to financially support all the services and concessions available, a fee based permit scheme was considered for Disabled Tax Exempt Vehicle (DTEV) Holders. 

Any surplus created from running the permit scheme will be reinvested in reducing the permit fee cost further and supporting Borough of Poole’s initiatives for disabled people. 

The revised scheme has been developed in response to public feedback as affordability was clearly the main concern of respondents. As a result DTEV Holders who are in receipt of Borough of Poole Council Tax support will be exempt from the permit fee charge and a reduced fee will be offered to DTEV Holders who are Borough of Poole residents. 

This means that those DTEV Holders who have registered with Borough of Poole by 1 April 2016 currently have a permit with no expiry date. These permits expired on 31 May 2016. 

All new DTEV application from 1 April 2016 and all renewal applications from 31 May will be subject to the following permit fee 

•   a one year permit fee of £25 or 

•   a three year permit fee of £60 

Those DTEV Holders who are in receipt of Borough of Poole Council Tax support 2 will receive a permit free of charge. Also DTEV Holders who are Borough of Poole residents and not in receipt of Council Tax support would pay:

•   a one year permit fee of £15 or 

•   a three year permit fee of £40 

The permit options will enable DTEV Holders to park in any council run public car park in Poole without having to pay for a ticket. 

Cllr Drew Mellor, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: “We recently consulted with DTEV Holders on proposals to introduce a permit fee charge on a cost neutral basis. We received a high response rate with the majority expressing concern over affordability. We have listened to these concerns and have made a number of amendments to the scheme which now benefits DTEV Holders who live in Poole, demonstrating that we do act on public feedback where possible. 

“We are now writing to all the registered DTEV Holders advising them of their options and enclosing an application form. The completed forms together with payment if applicable needs to be returned by 30 June at the latest to ensure applicants continue to receive the concession.” 

The existing Borough of Poole free car park concession to DTEV Holders is a local concession that applies in Poole and is not valid elsewhere.

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