Cabinet support further work on mixed housing and community development scheme in Turlin Moor North

A project to explore options for providing much-needed housing, affordable homes and improved community facilities in Turlin Moor North has been backed by Cabinet members.

Initial proposals for an ambitious multi-million pound scheme could eventually create up to 350 new homes, including more than 40% affordable housing, on council-owned land close to Blandford Road. 

Borough of Poole has identified part of existing open space at Turlin Moor Recreation as a site for the potential scheme. 

In addition to creating up to 350 new homes, the Turlin Moor North scheme could provide several other benefits, including: 

  • better sports facilities and pitches 
  • enhancements to existing public open space and nature reserve 
  • a second access road on to Blandford Road 
  • significant community facilities that could include an improved local centre and community centre, depending upon residents' priorities. 

At a meeting on Tuesday 4 April, Cabinet members agreed to allocate an £80,000 budget to progress the scheme and conduct further work to understand the viability of the site which was formerly, in part, a household tip. 

Members also approved a draft development brief on the scheme for consultation with the local community. 

As part of its review of the Poole Local Plan, the council has estimated that 14,200 new homes are needed in Poole by 2033 to meet housing demand. 

Cllr Ian Potter, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration, Borough of Poole, said: “We’re still in the early stages of assessing the key issues of this site which in turn will affect viability, but the scheme has the potential to deliver a significant number of new affordable homes for people living in Poole and secure much-needed investment in infrastructure and community facilities that would benefit local residents in Turlin Moor. 

“We are keen to work closely with the local community as we develop this scheme. The feedback from local residents during the public consultation on the Poole Local Plan was that any future development of this site should deliver essential community facilities. Under this proposal, the majority of the site would remain as public open space and benefit from significant improvement.” 

A further report will be presented to Cabinet once all the information is available to determine the best option for developing this site and in delivering any outline planning consent. 

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