Have your say on Broadstone Forum Neighbourhood Plan

Local people have until midnight on Friday 22 December to give their views on the proposed Broadstone Forum Neighbourhood Plan. 

Neighbourhood Plans give local people the power to shape the area where they live or work and, if adopted, will form part of the statutory development plan for the area. This means it will need to be taken into account when all planning-related decisions are made, especially the consideration of planning applications. 

The Broadstone Forum Neighbourhood Plan contains a vision for Broadstone and ten planning policies:

  • Designating public open space 
  • Protecting Lytchett Drive Local Green Space 
  • Enhancing biodiversity in Broadstone 
  • Securing high quality design and sustainability 
  • Balancing the housing stock 
  • Housing on the Fairview Estate 
  • Development principles for the central shopping area of Broadstone 
  • Well-designed extensions 
  • Encouraging employment opportunities in the central shopping area of Broadstone 
  • Protecting community facilities in Broadstone

People who live and work in Broadstone are encouraged to have their say on the planning policies contained in the plan.

In addition local people are being invited to give their comments on the proposed renewal of the Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum designation for a further five years. 

The forum and area boundary was originally approved by the council in February 2013 for an initial five year period and the forum is seeking to renew it. Comments can be submitted by midnight on Friday 22 December.

Cllr Ian Potter, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration, Borough of Poole, said: “The neighbourhood plan enables local people to give their views on future residential and commercial development in their communities. It is particularly important that local people who live, work and carry out business within the plan area, and those who may be affected by development in this area, comment on the policies being proposed by the Neighbourhood Forum. I would urge people to actively engage in this consultation, as well as whether the neighbourhood forum designation should be renewed, before the deadline.” 

Cllr Vikki Slade, Ward Member for Broadstone, Borough of Poole, said: "The introduction of Neighbourhood Plans is great news for local communities. It is important that neighbourhoods develop with the full support of their communities and this plan gives the people of Broadstone the opportunity to help shape the future. I would encourage everyone to get fully engaged with the Forum and look forward to the next stage."

The consultation will be followed by an Independent Examination and Local Referendum to decide whether the proposed neighbourhood plan will be adopted. 

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