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Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

Following advice from the government regarding the  Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have started reopening our libraries, see the latest Library service information

See further information about changes to services

We aim to make all Poole Libraries welcoming and accessible to all who visit us. Wheelchairs and assistance dogs are welcome.

If you have a visual impairment or other disability or condition that impacts on your ability to use the service, you can have an access card, which gives you a longer loan period. Overdue charges are now payable with this card. Please ask staff for details.

Services for people with a physical disability

Services for people with a visual impairment

  • large print books
  • audiobooks on CD are free to those with visual impairments. We also offer free ebook and audiobook downloads
  • a low vision reader is available in Poole Central Library
  • screen reader software (NVDA) on all our public PCs
  • adult story-time at Poole Central Library and Make Friends with a Book weekly reading groups
  • borrow DVDs free of charge (2 per visit)
  • audio-described DVDs - an increasing number of DVDs now have audio descriptions as an additional track, which means that we have many of them in stock. See the yourlocalcinema.comlist of audio-described DVDs, and then check the library catalogue to find the one you want to watch
  • guide dogs are welcome in all our libraries

Heard any good books lately? Our reading group for blind and visually impaired people meets on the 2nd Friday of the month at 10.30am in Poole Central Library. Audio books supplied. For more information contact Janet on 01202 262452 or Dave on 01202 712869. In association with Dorset Blind Association.

The following services are not provided by Poole Libraries but you may find them useful:

  • the RNIB Libraryhas a collection of about 60000 audiobooks and is free to people who are blind, partially sighted or can't read print because of a disability. You can borrow the books on DAISY CD or USB stick or download them yourself via RNIB Overdrive
  • calibre audio libraryis a free postal library service which offers audio books on cassette, MP3 CD and MP3 file on memory stick. If you are under 16, Young Calibrehas lots of audio books in MP3 format. You can join Calibre or Young Calibre if you can't see properly, or if you have dyslexia or a physical disability that makes it difficult to read ordinary print
  • the RNIB Libraryalso has books in Braille, Moon and Giant Print. As a member you also have access to a range of online resources

Services for people with a hearing impairment

  • induction loops are available in all libraries at the counter area
  • DVDs with subtitles are available to borrow. Subtitles can be activated via a DVD player remote control or on-screen menu. Most modern players should have this facility
  • free loan of DVDs (2 per visit)
  • assistance dogs are welcome in all our libraries
  • you can contact us via Text Relay - just put 18001 in front of any of our library phone numbers

Services for parents and carers

Page last updated: 17 July 2020
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