Carbon management programme

Tackling the effects of a changing climate is a priority outcome for the area. This is reflected in our corporate plans and local area agreements, which show the high level of expectation set in response to demands by our community partners for tough targets on carbon reduction.

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions from its own operations and estate. In 'getting our own houses in order' this provides us with the strong community leadership credentials to enable the community action needed to deliver an area-based carbon reduction targets. A summary of Carbon Management activities to date is available for download and is accompanied by a report on the council's Greenhouse Gas emissions as requested by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

In March 2010, the council was selected along with its Bournemouth Borough and Dorset county council partners to participate in a national pilot group in the DECC Local Carbon Framework initiative. This exciting scheme enabled the council and partners to successfully attract £254,000 of funding and enabled a comprehensive and wide ranging programme of low carbon sub regional projects being developed and delivered. We championed and commissioned an energy from waste report as part of the framework and were the first local authority to submit the report and its findings to the DECC. This report and accompanying technical appendix is also available for download.

Page last updated: 18 May 2021
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