Pest control

Report a flea problem

Telephone 01202 123123 to book a treatment

You can find advice for controlling fleas on the British Pest Control Association website.


Charges are payable prior to treatment.

Domestic properties

Domestic property charges are based on the size of the property to be treated.

Costs are:

  • £62 (including VAT): 1 and 2 bed properties
  • £67.50 (including VAT): 3 bed properties
  • £79.50 (including VAT): 4 bed properties
  • £107.50 (including VAT): 5 bed properties

If you are in receipt of one, or a combination of, the following benefits treatment will be half price:

Costs are:

  • £31 (including VAT): 1 and 2 bed properties
  • £33.50 (including VAT): 3 bed properties
  • £40 (including VAT): 4 bed properties
  • £54 (including VAT): 5 bed properties

Proof of benefits will be required and checked prior to treatment being carried out.

Commercial properties (including churches and schools)

The commercial charge is:

  • £78 (excluding VAT) per hour during duty hours
  • £116 (excluding VAT) outside duty hours
  • £152 (excluding VAT) Sundays/Bank Holidays
  • £39 (excluding VAT) for additional visits

Booking the treatment

Please phone us on 01202 123123 during working hours, (9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4:30pm Fridays) where our staff will provide advice and make an appointment for treatment.

Appointments are arranged Monday to Friday:

  • mornings (between 8am and 12 noon)
  • afternoons (between 12 noon and 4pm)

We are unable to provide an exact appointment time.

You can pay using credit (not American Express) or debit card when booking an appointment or by cash or cheque (payable to BCP Council) on the day of treatment before it has been started.


If you are a private tenant (or tenant of a Housing Associations including Poole Housing Partnership) you can:

  • pay for the service yourself (as detailed above)
  • ask your landlord to contact us to arrange treatment (as detailed above), if it is their responsibility

Full charges apply.

What to do before and after the treatment

Before a treatment

Vacuum your entire home, including chairs. Make sure you empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner away from the house. Do not forget to vacuum the car as well.

Clear as much floor space as possible especially around the edges of the room, so that as much of the floor area can be sprayed.

Hot wash pet bedding and repeat regularly once treatment has been carried out.

Make sure all food is put away or covered.

After a treatment

If possible go out for 3 hours to allow the spray to dry.

Do not vacuum for 3 weeks.

Hard surfaces may be slippery for several hours.

Be prepared to see fleas for several weeks after treatment, the adults will be killed when treatment is carried out, the eggs that are still present after treatment will hatch at different times as the fleas emerge they will come into contact with the insecticide used and die.

Page last updated: 19 April 2021
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