Council Tax and how it is spent

Why the cost of services and Council Tax requirement has changed



 Council Tax requirement 2017/18


 Changes in gross expenditure


 Adult Social Services demographic growth and additional costs


 Pay and pension changes


 Children Social Care


 Other Children's services


 Combined Bournemouth and Poole Corporate Services


 Reductions due to a reduced specific grant funding


 (Children and Education)
 Net reductions to Budgets


 Inflation, contractual and waste disposal costs


 Cost of financing interest on borrowing


 Reduction in use of reserves


 Changes in gross income


 Reduced specific government grants


 Reduced general government grants


 Reduced revenue support grant


 Increased business rates income


 Income generated from services


 Increased interest and investment income


 Decrease in collection fund surplus distribution


 Changes in capital charges and financing


 Changes in use of reserves and contingencies


 Council Tax requirement 2018/19


Page last updated: 15 August 2018
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