Older people's housing needs assessment 2016

Aim and purpose

This study outlines the current and potential future need for specialist housing and related support for older people in Poole to 2035. It reviews what we know about older people's housing preferences and maps the existing support of specialist housing across Poole.

This provides evidence that will inform:

  • local housing and planning strategies to explicitly take account of demographic trends and housing preferences of older people
  • the strategic planning of specialist housing and support services, which promote quality of life and support older people to live independently in housing rather than care settings wherever possible

Study focus

The scope of the study includes:

  • older people aged 55 and over
  • specialist housing and general needs housing with support
  • self funded and social specialist housing provision
  • 20 year timeframe 2015 - 2035  

Specific objectives

Demographic analysis of the ageing population in Poole, and the scale and page of the increase in the short (to 2020) to longer term (to 2035).

Profile current circumstances relevant to the accommodation and support needs of older people including: age, housing circumstances like tenure, housing conditions and household type, health and disability; and deprivation.

Review recently local consultation, and carry out a literature review of national evidence, on older people's preferences for housing and care.

Measure the existing supply of specialist housing and housing support in Poole - both private and social provision, and evaluate it's suitability in relation to older peoples need and preferences.

Project specialist housing need/demand for older people in the short (to 2020), medium, (to 2025), to longer term (to 2035).

Page last updated: 25 April 2019
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