Key facts about Poole


Total population for Poole is 150,600 made up of:

  • 22% 0-19 year olds which is 33,100
  • 56% 20-64 year olds which is 84,300
  • 22% 65+ year olds which is 33,100 

Health and wellbeing

Life expectancy at birth for males is 80.6 years and for females 84.1 years (2012-2014). These figures are both above the corresponding English national averages of 79.5 and 83.2, respectively. (Public Health England).

In the 2011 Census, 27,200 (18.4%) of residents were limited in daily activities because of a health problem or disability. For England and Wales, 17.9% were in this position.  


16% of Poole's commuters walk or cycle to work (2011 Census)

18% of Poole households are without a car or van (2011 Census)

In 2014/15, 47% of all household waste was sent for reuse, recycling or composting. (Source: WasteDataFlow).

Older people in Poole (aged 65+)

There are 33,100 people aged 65 and over in Poole or 22% of the population. 10,000 are aged 80 and over. (ONS 2015 mid-year estimates).

The number of older people (aged 65+) is projected to increase to 43,900 by 2030 (an increase of one third from 2015). (ONS 2014-based population projections).

Children and young people

Children and young people population in Poole is 33,100 made up of:

  • 25% 0-4 year olds which is 8,400
  • 26% 5-9 year olds which is 8,500
  • 23% 10-14 year olds which is 7,800
  • 25% 15-19 year olds which is 8,400 

Source: ONSMid-2015 Population Estimates

See the Children and young people strategic assessment or theme papers for further data and analysis.


There are 91,000 residents aged 16-64 in Poole (ONS 2015 mid-year estimates).

There were 1,060 persons claiming out of work benefits in January 2017.

The median full-time hourly rate of pay (workplace based) was £12.57 (92% of GB median). (2016 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings).

See the key economic statistics for more details on Poole's economy.


There are approximately 67,000 dwellings in Poole.

In 2011, 36% of Poole's households owned their homes outright and 28% rented.

In November 2016, the mean selling price of houses was £290,540.

See Theme papers for further data and analysis and also the Land Registry's House Price Index.

Note: sum of rounded values may differ from rounded values of sums. 

Page last updated: 23 August 2019
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