The 2007 Poole visitor guide

5 June to 5 July 2007


As part of the summer 2007 Poole Opinion Panel survey, Poole Tourism Partnership provided panel members with a copy of the 2007 Poole visitor guide for review and comment.

Overall, panel members were extremely impressed, with almost all (91%) suggesting that they would read and keep the guide for future use if it came through their door.

94% of panel members felt that the visitor guide promotes a strong image of the town, and over three quarters felt that the guide would be helpful both in assisting visiting friends and relatives, and in encouraging their own visits to local attractions, restaurants and events.

In response to the results Bruce Grant Braham, Chair of Poole Tourism Partnership commented, "Poole's fantastic reputation is based on the town's superb environment, facilities and the clean contemporary branding which puts us head and shoulders above other UK resorts. With such a strong product, we have a lot to be proud of in Poole and local people are our greatest ambassadors. It's fantastic news that so many residents find the visitor guide so useful for themselves as well as visiting family and friends. 91% of people saying they would read and keep the guide is outstanding, especially for local businesses who's enthusiasm to invest in new restaurants, hotels and attractions has been an essential part of improving the quality of all the facilities we enjoy right on our doorstep."

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