Play areas results 2010

Leisure services wanted to know views on what is important in a play area. 58% said they visit play areas in Poole, with 26% visiting play areas regularly (at least once a month or more often). 86% of play area users said that they were satisfied with play areas in Poole. Clare Freeman, Leisure Services commented "the frequency of visiting play areas helps us to work out how many people visit a play area and therefore the cost per visit, this sort of analysis shows that greenspace visits are popular and low cost".

90% said they would walk to visit a play area, with half (50%) prepared to walk between 11-20 minutes with a child to get to a play area. Clare added "the distance that people are willing to walk to a play area is helping us map where the gaps are in play provision to focus future resources".

The top 5 factors that were considered to be important in a play area were:

  • seats (64%)
  • bins (56%)
  • lighting (34%)
  • tree & shrub planting (17%)
  • cleanliness (11%)

The information will influence Lesiure Services in enhancing play areas ensuring that we are providing for all visitors needs as well as the play equipment itself.

Page last updated: 17 April 2019
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