Risk and Resilience

4 October - 1 November 2014

Over three fifths of members asked (62%) had confidence in the Council to handle an emergency/disruption in Poole effectively; 8% disagreed with this. Two thirds (66%) of members said that they would be able to cope in an emergency / disruption,  while 6% of members said they would not be able to.

Almost half (43%) of members said that they would need help/assistance when dealing with an emergency/disruption; 27% said that they would not need any help or assistance.

81% of members had not planned for an emergency or disruption; 14% had prepared for one.

When asked about the best method for communication before and after an emergency or disruption, panel members told us that TV (64%), Radio (54%) and Phone calls (23%) were the best methods. Many members also highlighted the importance of tailoring communications about any emergency to different groups of people within Poole.

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