Protecting Poole's environment

15 November to 7 December 2007


Keeping Poole clean and green is our responsibility and in order to establish where improvements are needed we asked you to tell us whether services provided by Waste Services have bettered or worsened over the past 12 months.

26% indicated that dog fouling services had improved, followed closely by recycling (23%) and graffiti (22%). However, others said that dog fouling (23%), fly tipping (23%) and keeping public land clear (15%) had worsened.

With regards to the collection of household waste 81% felt that it had stayed constant, however there was a decrease in the number of people who felt that it had improved since 2005.

When asked about the cleanliness and maintenance of public conveniences 45% agreed that it had stayed the same (45% of you also agreed it had stayed the same in 2005).

When asked about awareness of garden waste collection points, 44% were aware. 36% indicated that you use the Household Waste Recycling Centre more than 5 times a year.

Nick Hill, Principal Officer, E&CPS said: "The Poole Opinion Panel results enable us to continually improve the services we provide and target resources where you feel that they are most needed. Ongoing enforcement and education events help to reduce environmental crime - in 2007/08, E&CPS received 10% less complaints than in 2006/07 for dog fouling."

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