Highways maintenance

15 November to 7 December 2007


In order to determine whether aspects of the highway maintenance services provided by transportation services need improving, it is essential to monitor satisfaction levels of the people of Poole.

Overall, there was no significant difference in satisfaction levels of road (51% satisfied) and pavement (50% satisfied) maintenance since 2006.

The most common reasons for dissatisfaction were uneven pavements, potholes, uneven roads, weeds and leaves. When asked about the importance of the highway services provided by Transportation Services and how satisfied panel members were with them, winter service received the highest average level of importance (8.8) and satisfaction score (7.2).

Importance and satisfaction levels with Highway services
  Average level of importance  Average level of satisfaction 
 Winter service (gritting, salting) 8.8  7.2 
 Flood control (drains, clearing, flood water) 8.7  6.4 
 Road surface condition 8.6  6.2 
 Pavement surface condition 8.5  6.1 
 Maintenance of street lighting 8.4  7.3 
 Removal of obstructions (signs, building materials) 8.3  6.7 
 Maintenance of road signs 7.9  7.0 
 Road markings (line painting, maintenance) 7.9  6.7 
 Removal of overhanging vegetation 7.9  6.5 
 Maintenance of verges, shrubs and trees 7.6  6.7 

Flood control (8.7) and road surface condition (8.6) followed winter service closely on the average level of importance score. The results indicated that panel members were most satisfied with the maintenance of street lighting and road signs. Overall, the highest level of dissatisfaction was with the condition of pavement surface and road surface.

As well as maintaining highways, Transportation Services are also responsible for optimising the use of the road network and reducing congestion. When asked about measures to alleviate congestion in Poole, the three measures identified as being the most important were better:

  • control and co-ordination of roadworks, etc.
  • information on planned roadworks, for example tv/radio/papers/web
  • information on delays, for example roadside sign messages

John Sayers, Highway Maintenance and Traffic Manager, said: "Maintaining highways to an acceptable standard is important to Poole residents. The feedback that has been obtained through POP 2007 is crucial in enabling us to effectively utilise our limited budget. Areas that will be prioritised and targeted by us are those that have been identified by the Poole Opinion Panel members as being important and where low satisfaction levels exist".

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