Investing in beaches

5 March to 20 April 2012

Residents in Poole were invited to give their views on the aims and ideas for the future of Poole's beaches. Residents could submit their views through Leisure Service’s leaflet or through an on-line form. Members of the Council’s citizens panel, Poole Opinion Panel, were also asked for their views in the March 2012 survey.

Key Findings

The summary report highlights the key findings from both the public engagement and from Poole Opinion Panel members (POP). A total of 405 responses were received from the general public, and 793 from POP members.

95% of POP members, and 96% of the general public, agreed with the Council's aim to conserve, improve and invest in the Poole's beaches. Half (51%) of POP members and 69% of the general public would like Poole's beaches to have different areas for different activities.

The Council's initial ideas, relating to transport (such as a water taxi, more parking and improved transport links) were liked.  Improvements and updates to amenities such as toilets, seats and lighting were also liked. When asked about how to make travelling to the beach easier, the most popular suggestion from both POP members and the general public was a better or improved bus service. Other suggestions were a "Park and Ride service" or a "shuttle service". 

When thinking about who should fund the improvements to Poole's beaches, 34% of POP members, and 44% of the general public felt that the improvements should be funded by a combination of Business Investors, users of beach activities, and Council Tax payers.

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