Key facts

Population demography

On census day the population of Poole was 147,645. 

Poole's population has grown by around 9,300 people since the last census in 2001, rising from 138,300, an increase of 6.8%.

Health and wellbeing

120,200 (81.4%) of people in Poole reported their general health as either “very good” or “good”; the corresponding figure for England and Wales was 81.2%.

27,200 (18.4%) of residents in Poole were limited in daily activities because of a health problem or disability. For England and Wales 17.9% were in this position.


16% of Poole’s commuters walk or cycle to work.

Older People

There are 30,200 residents aged 65+ (20.5% of the population). This is an increase of 7.6% (+2,100 people) from the 2011 census. Poole has a higher proportion of older people compared to England and Wales (16.4%).

Children and young people

There were 32,500 residents aged 0 to 19 (22% of the population). This is an increase of 1.9% from the 2011 census. Poole has seen an increase in the number of younger age children (0 to 4 years old) and older aged children (15 to 19)


75,700 residents aged 16 to 74 were economically active (71.2%) in 2011. Of these , 69,100 were in employment. The economic activity rate was 69.7% for England and Wales.

3,400 people were unemployed (3.2%). The unemployment rate for England and Wales was 4.4%.

Most residents were employed in the wholesale and retail sector (12,100 people, 16.8%) and the Health sector (9,700 people, 13.5%) in Poole.


Between 2001 and 2011 the owner occupation rate in Poole fell from 78% 

to 70% of all households. (In England and Wales the rate fell from 68% to 64%.)

The percentage of households in Poole renting increased from 21% to 28% over the decade. (In England and Wales it increased from 31% to 34%.)

Page last updated: 14 March 2019
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