How we meet our public sector equality duties

We can show how we meet our public sector equality duties in a number of ways. 

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What we are doing

There are key documents that set out our priorities for the people of Poole, including how we will address inequality in our community, for residents, visitors and in our workplace.

Vision for Poole

Vision for Poole sets out the vision and ambitions for Poole in 2026 and provides the strategic framework for partners to make a difference to Poole over the long term. We are one of the partners who aim to close the gap on the inequalities faced by some people in Poole.

Corporate strategy

Our corporate strategy is the framework for saying what priority outcomes we want to achieve for the people of Poole. This includes our equality objectives.

This is complemented by our fairness for all policy, which is the internal document that says how we will promote equality and diversity for and with the people of Poole.

Community cohesion work 

We encourage the community to tell us if there are any tensions and report prejudice raise awareness of different festivals and activities; and ensure resources and services are allocated fairly across the borough.  We also support local people to celebrate diversity, whether that is International Women's Day, the Festival of Festivals, or our Poole-based Thai Festival. 

Budget book

Budget book is the financial representation of our policies. It provides details of expenditure and income for various services. An equality impact assessment is undertaken on the medium term financial plan annually.

Commissioning and procurement

Commissioning and procurement is how we buy all our goods, works and services from third party organisations. We expect both our suppliers and our officers to consider and include equality and diversity in the procurement process and in the delivery of all contracts. We publish guidance to support both officers and suppliers in this process. 

People strategy

Our People strategy  is the current document that informs, supports and guides human resources work. We are also positive about disabled people employers. Our Workforce analysis report sets out the profile of our workforce in relation to the 9 protected characteristics. 

Page last updated: 24 June 2020
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