Youth opportunities

In 2005, the government published a green paper called ‘Youth Matters’. In this document the government explained how it planned to improve ‘places to go, things to do, and someone to talk to’ for young people.

One suggested way of doing this was to let young people themselves decide how money should be spent in their local areas.

Therefore, the government has created 2 funds and each local authority has been given an allocation of money. The government has named these funds The Youth Opportunities Fund and The Youth Capital Fund.

What the funds are

The Youth Opportunities Fund is to be spent on activities or projects that young people want in Poole.

The Youth Capital Fund is to be spent by young people to improve or develop facilities for young people in Poole.


Applications must:

  • comply to the Youth Opportunities Fund/Youth Capital Fund Guidelines
  • be for projects/facilities for young people in Poole aged 13 to 19
  • not solely be for the benefit of an individual
  • not be for trips to theme parks, parties, coffee bar provision or food generally
  • demonstrate that any overnight activities/trips will encourage self sufficiency
  • demonstrate that young people are making a contribution to the activities

Residential experiences can only be funded up to 75%.

The application form must:

  • demonstrate involvement of young people
  • have a supporting adult complete Section B
  • have all sections of the form completed in full
  • explain how at least one of the outcomes from Every Child Matters will be achieved

Application deadlines and panel meetings

The deadlines have now passed for the current cycle of funding.

The bidding process

Only young people can bid for the money and any young person in Poole can come along to one of the meetings to decide where the money goes. You can email or telephone 01202 262281 to find out more.

The Strategy Manager 13 to 19 for Poole acts as an advisor to this group and administrative support is provided by our youth service staff.

Next steps

Young people are meeting regularly to decide where the money should be spent. Telephone 01202 262281 to find out more.

When you have an idea of what funding you want to apply for, you need to find a supporting adult and share this information with them – they will also need to complete section B of your application form to say they agree to be your supporting adult.

For information on application deadlines ring 01202 262281 to find out more.

Your bid will be considered at the next panel meeting. There is an expectation that young people attend the meeting where their bid is looked at so that you can answer any questions the panel might have. If you have any problems with this please contact the main office on 01202 262281.

Applicants will be informed of the decision within 2 weeks of the panel meeting.

Successful bids

All funds must be spent within the time frame outlined in your Youth Opportunities Fund/Youth Capital Fund award letter.

Page last updated: 17 September 2019
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