Setting up and extending a childcare business

Individuals or groups who wish to set up a new childcare provision or existing provision can access advice and support regarding Ofsted's registration requirements, demand for childcare and how to access business and financial help by emailing

Childcare Business Grants Scheme

There is a limited amount of funding available from central government for setting up a new childcare business through the Childcare Business Grants Scheme.

Different Types of Childcare Provision


This is a person who is registered to provide care for one or more children, to whom they are not related, for reward. This is in someone’s home. It is usually the childminder’s own home, but it can be someone else’s. Childminders work with no more than 2 other childminders or assistants. Friends who care for each other’s children do not have to register with us, if the care is without payment of money or for things like food and electricity.

Childcare on domestic premises

These are people providing care in someone's home with at least 3 other people. They can provide the care directly or employ people to work with them. The difference between childminding and childcare on domestic premises is the number of adults involved. If 4 or more people look after children at any time they are providing childcare on domestic premises, not childminding.

Childcare on non-domestic premises

These are people providing care for children on premises that are not someone’s home. These premises can range from village halls to purpose-built nurseries.


Facilities that provide occasional care for children of all ages, for up to 14 days a year. Crèches can be part of a voluntary registration with Ofsted, but there is not a mandatory requirement for registration.

Out of school care

Out of school care includes Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs. They provide play, recreation and activities for children of all ages. Provisions that care for children under 8 years must register with Ofsted, either on the Early Years register or the Childcare Register. For provisions that care for only children and young people from 8 years old, they can be part of a voluntary registration with Ofsted, but there is not a mandatory requirement for registration.

Page last updated: 08 April 2019
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