Mission statement

“To inspire public confidence by ensuring that all CCTV cameras and systems which are linked to the Borough of Poole's control room are operated in a manner that will secure their consistent effectiveness and preserve the civil liberties of the people in Poole.”


Our CCTV system is made up of cameras around Poole. Some are fixed and some have pan tilt and zoom facilities, all camera data is transmitted to and recorded in our secure 24 hour control room.

Through the use of CCTV we aim to: 

  • prevent and reduce crime, public order and antisocial behaviour
  • assist the police in tracking and capturing people suspected of committing crime
  • supply the police with evidence to be used in criminal proceedings
  • help identify witnesses
  • assist in improving traffic management around Poole 

We work closely with Dorset Police to identify the best use of moveable cameras, for use temporarily in areas with the greatest need.

Code of practice

Our code of practice is based on the 12 guiding principles listed in the Home Office's Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013.

CCTV coverage 

Public area CCTV covers Poole town centre, car parks and residential areas including: 

  • Poole town centre (bus station, Falkland Square, High Street and Poole Quay) 
  • Dolphin swimming pool 
  • Turlin Moor (including Turlin Moor schools) 
  • multi storey car park’s (shoppers, High Street, Quay Visitors and Dolphin Shopping Centre) 
  • surface car parks 
  • Poole Old Town and Twin Sails bridge
  • Ashley Cross 
  • Ashley Road 
  • Civic Centre 


All public area CCTV is recorded and stored at the control room. The data is retained for a maximum of 30 Days. Once this period has lapsed the footage is deleted and therefore irretrievable.

Releasing of CCTV footage

We will only release data from the CCTV footage to the police, not to the public. Please report any incidents to the police and they will contact us if they need to.

To access any of your own personal data you will need to submit a subject access request on  the data protection pages.

Page last updated: 14 April 2022
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