Community Right to Challenge

The Community Right to Challenge gives community groups, voluntary sector organisations and council staff the right to ‘challenge’ local authorities by putting forward an Expression of Interest to run a council service.

A successful challenge may result in a procurement exercise in which the challenger would be able to take part along with other interested organisations.

The Act does not give an automatic right to the organisation expressing an interest to deliver the service, nor is it guaranteed that the organisation will be successful in any procurement exercise.

Expressions of Interest

Under the Localism Act, the Council has the right to set time periods within which expressions of interest will be considered and the right to reject expressions of interest received outside of this specified time period.

With respect to these provisions and to allow us time to develop and consult upon the policy and process for reviewing expressions of interest, we have set a submission period for all expressions of interest from 12:00 on 1st May to 12:00 on 31st July, starting from 2013 and then for subsequent years. Expressions of Interest received outside of this submission period will not be considered.

You can download the Community Right to Challenge procedures and the Expression of Interest application form.

If you would like to talk to someone about this then please contact us:

Corporate Strategy & Communications
Civic Centre
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Telephone: 01202 633067

Page last updated: 11 March 2019
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