How the Supported Lodgings Scheme works

Providing Supported Lodgings

You need to be able to offer a bedroom for the sole use of the young person for as long as the placement is open or required. During this time it is hoped that the young person will develop skills towards independent living. The young person will be supported by you as well as project workers, social services and any other agencies with which the young person may be involved.

We have a wide range of clients who require supported lodgings and so we need a wide range of providers. You can be:

  • married, with a partner or single
  • of any age
  • from any ethnic background
  • working or not working
  • with or without children
  • home owner or tenant

The only restrictions are:

  • you must have a spare bedroom in your home
  • you must be in good mental and physical health
  • there must be nothing in your background that would suggest that any person placed in your care could be at risk from harm or abuse

Please note: to ensure the safety of our young people we always carry out a range of police and other checks.

Page last updated: 02 May 2019
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Supported Lodgings Scheme