How the Supported Lodgings Scheme works


Supported Lodgings enable single people aged 16 and above to be offered accommodation in a home environment when leaving foster care or residential care. Supported Lodgings are provided by people who can offer a bedroom in their homes, along with some level of support, to care leavers. The Supported Lodgings Scheme operates under our Pathways Team.

Young people often leave home in their 20s having learnt the practical skills they need and with the security of knowing that their family are around if they need advice, help or somewhere to go back to. For most young people in local authority care this is not the case. Many are vulnerable and leave between the ages of 16 and 18 without all the skills needed to live independently.

Our experience of positive outcomes for young people clearly points towards the success of Supported Lodgings placements as a stepping stone towards independence. Supported Lodgings has been an integral part of the leaving care service since 2001 and offers a distinct alternative to traditional hostel provision.

We have a growing number of registered landlords/ladies and more are always welcome. Providers of supported lodgings undergo an approval process and will receive allowances and support from us if they are approved.

Page last updated: 12 May 2021
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Supported Lodgings Scheme