Temporary event notice

The Licensing Act 2003 utilises a light touch system to permit temporary activities.

The system involves an event organiser, or premises user, giving a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to the Licensing Authority. Copies of the Notice must be served on the same day on Dorset Police and Environmental Health.

This system allows relatively small scale events to be held at venues where no premises licence is in place. A TEN can only be used where 499 people or less are likely to attend and which lasts for less than 168 hours or 7 days. Any venue, indoors or outdoors, can host 15 such events, or an aggregate of 21 days, per calendar year. There must be a minimum of 24 hours between events notified by a premises user, or associates of that premises user, in respect of the same premises.

The fee for a TEN is £21. Anyone aged 18 or over can serve a TEN.

Someone who holds a personal licence is able to serve up to 50 TENs a year, including up to 10 late TENS, at a variety of premises. A non-personal licence holder is able to serve up to 5 TENs, including up to 2 late TENs, a year. The notice includes details of the event, the applicant and the licensable activities proposed.

Temporary event notice

The standard TEN has to be served on the authorities at least 10 clear working days before an event. Dorset Police and Environmental Health have a period of 3 working days from when they are given the notice to object to it on the basis of any of the 4 licensing objectives. This can result in a hearing by the Licensing Committee. At such a hearing the committee will hear the case of all parties and may approve the event, refuse, or where a licensed premises is being used impose some or all of the conditions present on the premises licence onto the TEN.

Late temporary event notice

The late TEN can be served not less than 5 clear working days before the event but if Dorset Police or Environmental Health make objection to a late TEN then the notice will not be valid and the event cannot go ahead. There is no right to a hearing in such circumstances. They should not be used save in exceptional circumstances.

How to apply

You can apply on GOV.UK:

Apply online


Please return 3 completed forms to us:

Environmental Services
Unit 1
Newfields Business Park
2 Stinsford Road
BH17 0NF

And 1 completed form to Dorset Police:

Chief Officer of Police c/o Licensing Officer
Dorset Police – Poole Licensing Team
Dorset Police Operation Protect Licensing Team
Poole Police Station
Wimborne Road
BH15 2BP

Page last updated: 21 November 2019
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