Interim authority notice

An interim authority notice can be applied for from us, in the initial 28 days after the lapse of a premise licence due to the death, mental incapacity or insolvency of the current premise licence holder. There is an applicable fee. The Police must also be informed that notice has been given within this 28 day period.

Who can apply for the notice

Anyone with a prescribed interest in the relevant premises or connected to the licence holder ( by virtue of being the licence holder's personal representative, having an enduring power of attorney in respect of the individual or acting as insolvency practitioner).

How to apply

To apply for this licence:

We are unable to accept this form by email because it must have a signature. Please print the form, sign it and return it to:

Environmental and Consumer Protection
Unit 1
Newfields Business Park
2 Stinsford Road
BH17 0NF

There are fees involved with this application.

When you cannot apply for a notice

A notice can not be applied for if an application for the transfer of the licence has already been made.

What effect the notice has

The effect of the notice is to reinstate the lapsed premises licence, and for the person who gives the notice, to become the licence holder for a period of up to 2 months, unless terminated by the notice giver or a successful transfer application is made within that time. However, the notice will lapse if the Police have not been informed that a notice has been given.

Page last updated: 29 April 2019
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