Busking and street entertainment permit

If you are interested in busking or performing street entertainment on Poole High Street, you will need a permit. This consists of a simple form and an understanding of the code of conduct

Apply for a permit

You will need to return the completed form with 2 passport sized photographs. Email info@pooletowncentre.com for a copy of the permit application form or call 01202 262642

The busking entertainment permit costs £25 per year and applications are only granted following a successful audition.

Please be aware that the maximum time allowed per busker in each location is 2 hours a day. Overstaying your welcome may lead to you being moved on. Persistent breaking of rules may invalidate your permit.

You are asked to comply with any requests to move on from a council official, police officer or high street warden. This is down to common courtesy, if we receive a noise complaint, turning your music down may be a suitable compromise.

Page last updated: 07 October 2020
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