Nationality checking service

We provide the nationality checking service to help you check and send your citizenship application.

Please note that we do not provide an advice service or give you an indication of whether your application to the Home Office will be successful.

All applicants are personally responsible for satisfying themselves that they fully meet the requirements for citizenship and that the local authority bears no responsibility for the outcome of the application.

If an application is refused, the Borough of Poole is not liable for the refund of any fees incurred and any queries must be referred to the Home Office.

You don't have to use the nationality checking service to apply for citizenship. Find out ways to apply for citizenship on GOV.UK.

Book an appointment

To use the nationality checking service, you need to book an appointment with us. You can either:

Before the appointment

Before you come to your nationality checking service appointment, you must complete Form AN: Application for Naturalisation as a British Citizen and bring it with you.

You must sign the declaration at the back of Form AN to confirm that you understand it.

You must personally check that you meet the nationality requirements before your appointment. We will tell you which documents you need to bring with you to the appointment.

We cannot give you any nationality advice. If you need nationality advice, you should contact the Home Office.

At your nationality checking service appointment, we will ask you to sign our client care records. This is to show that you agree with what we have said in your appointment.

Cost of the nationality checking service

Our current fees are:

  • £80 for an adult application
  • £40 for a child application

Please pay when you book your appointment.

You also need to pay the costs of applying for a citizenship application.

Advice about nationality

We can't give you advice about nationality.

If you need advice, you can contact the Home Office.

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