Poole has 4 cemeteries, before a burial can take place, you must complete the burial application form and submit it to the Bereavement Team 3 days before the proposed burial. 

Download the burial application form

Poole Crematorium
Gravel Hill
Broadstone Poole
BH17 9BQ

Email: environment@poole.gov.uk
Tel: 01202 123111

Rights of burial

All new burials in Poole have Exclusive Rights of Burial. This means that when you purchase a burial plot, you have the legal right to determine who will be interred in it. The Right is for a set period of 50 years.

When you purchase the plot, you will be issued with a Certificate of Grant of Right of Burial. This needs to be kept safe for when the grave is re-opened for further burials or if a headstone needs to be erected.

Please contact the Bereavement Team if you would like to discuss the purchase of a burial plot.

Municipal funerals

If somebody dies and there are no relatives, friends, will beneficiaries or executor to organise their funeral, the Coroner's Office will contact Environmental & Consumer Protection for burial assistance. Details of funerals carried out by the Council are available in the downloads section and are updated quarterly.

Burial assistance

If somebody dies and there are no relatives, friends, will beneficiaries, or executor to organise their funeral, we are advised by the Coroner's Office. They will make the necessary arrangements.

Funeral payment

Where money is an issue and you are in receipt of certain benefits or entitlements you may qualify for a funeral payment.

Page last updated: 22 April 2021
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