Recycling other materials

There are many other items that can be recycled but not in the blue bins. Have a look at the Recycle Now directory of what to do with all sorts of different items. Details of some of the more common items are below. 

Ideas 2 Action are a local community group who are seeking frequently disposed of items to be used for local organisations. These include schools, faith groups and charities. They would appreciate support on their We Need That! campaign.

Anything that is still in good working order that can be resold in our New to You store can be handed in at the Household Waste Recycling Centre.


An average household uses 21 batteries a year which means more than 1.3 million batteries are thrown away annually from homes in Poole. 

Any household batteries between 1.5 and 9 volts can be recycled along with your kerbside recycling collection or at any of the 10 libraries in Poole and Civic Centre reception. The Household Waste Recycling Centre also has a collection point. 

Clothes and textiles

There are numerous charity shops in and around Poole who will accept donations of clean clothes and textiles. 

Clothes, textiles and shoes can also be recycled using any of the Recycling Banks in Poole or taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre


Unwanted items of furniture can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre. If you have bulky items, such as a sofa or mattress and are unable to take them to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, we can collect them for a small charge. Further information on this service can be found on our Bulky Household Waste Collection page. 

In addition, there are charities in Poole that will collect unwanted items of furniture.   

Plastic bags and plastic film

Try to avoid accepting new bags and reuse old bags as much as possible. You could use a cotton bag or buy 'bags for life'. 

Plastic bags often become litter, so remember to dispose of them correctly when you have finished with them. There are plastic bag recycling points at some larger supermarkets, where you can recycle all brands of carrier bags. These will also now accept other plastic film and bags such as:

  • cereal bags
  • bread bags
  • fruit and veg bags
  • thin plastic found around household goods
  • multipack shrink wrap

Carrier bags can also be used again as bin liners. 

Page last updated: 10 November 2020
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