Home composting and water butts

Composting is the easiest way to recycle your waste because you can do it at home and involve all the family.

Have a look at the Recycle Now website for more information about why it's important to compost.

Buying a compost bin

We have teamed up with getcomposting.com to provide an exclusive offer of discounted home compost bins, water butts and accessories.

To find out more and to view the full range of products go to getcomposting.com or call 0844 571 4444. This offer is available for Poole residents until 31 March 2021.

A Green Cone Food Waste Digester system is also available. Green Cone is a food waste digester in which waste that cannot be composted such as meat, fish, dairy products, bones and all cooked food can be disposed of. This is in addition to fruit and vegetable peelings.

The Green Cone food waste digester comes complete with a kitchen caddy and accelerator powder and shaker.

Water butts

Water butt offers are available through BCP Council and Straight PLC initiative. They are also available through local water companies. To check if your water company is part of the scheme contact your water company directly. Your water bill will identify your mains water supplier.

Page last updated: 10 June 2020
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