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Find out what you can and can't put into your blue wheelie bin.

What you can and cannot put in your blue bin

Paper and cardboard

You can put in:

  • newspapers
  • magazines - no need to remove staples
  • food and drink cartons (multilayered Tetra Paks) such as juice or milk cartons
  • foil free wrapping paper
  • writing paper
  • computer paper
  • envelopes including ones with windows
  • telephone directories and Yellow Pages
  • catalogues
  • books - hardbacks and paperbacks
  • corrugated cardboard from electrical equipment/washing powder boxes 
  • thin cardboard - cereal packets and tissue boxes
  • greetings cards
  • junk mail (please remove envelopes and put in your blue bin separately and dispose of any associated plastic wrapping)
  • shredded paper
  • paper bags - including those from sugar and flour
  • photographs

You can't put in:

  • wet paper
  • waxed paper and card
  • plastic coated paper/laminated paper
  • paper towels
  • tissues and serviettes

These items can go in your black bin.


You can put in:

  • fizzy drink bottles and squash bottles
  • milk bottles
  • detergent bottles
  • shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • yoghurt pots
  • margarine tubs
  • ice cream containers
  • meat trays
  • fruit punnets

To make it easier to recycle we prefer plastic bottles to be squashed and the cap re-fitted, but we will accept all bottles and caps whether this has been done or not.  

You can't put in:

  • plant pots
  • plastic garden furniture
  • carrier bags
  • expanded polystyrene
  • plastic films
  • crisp packets and sweet wrappers
  • CD cases
  • toothpaste tubes (the caps can be recycled)

These items can go in your black bin.

Have a look at this Plastics Reborn video which explains how your household plastic packaging could be transformed through recycling.

Why we do not recycle some plastics

Items such as carrier bags and plant pots are made from a very wide range of polymers, many of which are blends. These are much more difficult to identify and separate efficiently. Mixed plastics are not in high demand so are difficult to re-sell.

Aluminium and steel cans

You can put in:

  • aluminium drink cans
  • steel drinks cans
  • aluminium foil and foil trays
  • household aerosols - deodorant, hairspray, polish, air freshener
  • steel food cans - tomato tins, pet food cans
  • steel lids from glass jars/bottles
  • large tins - biscuit and sweet tins

You can't put in:

  • industrial aerosols, paint, lubricant spray, car spray
  • any other metals
  • electrical appliances

These items should be taken to the tip.

Glass bottles and jars

You can put in:

  • any colour glass bottles and jars

You can't put in:

  • ceramics
  • light bulbs
  • window glass
  • mirror glass
  • pyrex
  • vases
  • drinking glasses

These items should be taken to the tip.

Using your blue wheelie bin

  • you will have one standard size blue bin of 240 litres
  • we’ll collect the contents of one closed wheelie bin, every 2 weeks
  • put your blue wheelie bin out for collection by 6am on your collection day 
  • make sure the bin is at the edge of your property, where the collection team can see it from the road and collect it easily
  • make sure your bin lid is closed
  • put items in loose, please don't bag them
  • don’t put out any extra rubbish bags for collection
  • if your bin is too heavy to be wheeled to the back of our collection vehicle then we can’t empty it
  • take your bin back to your property as soon as possible after the collection

Assisted collections

If you can't put your bin out for collection due to being disabled or physically unable, you can ask us for an assisted collection. You should only ask if there is no one else at the property who can help. Phone us on 01202 261700 to ask for the service.

Missing or damaged bin

If your bin is missing or badly damaged, you can call us on 01202 261700 to ask for a replacement.

If it's missing, please check that the bin is not nearby or at a neighbours house.

If it's damaged, please tell us if the damage is to the lid, wheels or main structure of the bin.

When we don't collect your bin

We collect bins during all bank holidays, except:

  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day

If you fill your blue bin please take any additional recycling to the tip.

Additional bin request

You can apply for an additional bin if:

  • your household has 6 or more permanent residents
  • your household has 5 residents including a child in nappies
  • your household has 3 or more children in nappies
  • someone in your household has medical needs that create extra waste

If this request relates to a communal property, we will carry out an assessment and may provide larger bins if necessary.

We will only consider applications by phone on 01202 261700. Each will be considered on a case by case basis. A request does not guarantee you extra capacity.

Page last updated: 22 August 2019
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