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Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate is a type of Council Tax Support which is available if you are of state pension credit qualifying age. You cannot get both Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate at the same time. If you qualify for both, you will receive the one that pays the most.

People who live alone in a property get 25% single person discount off their Council Tax bill. If another adult lives with you, and they have a low income, you might get Second Adult Rebate.

A second adult must:

  • live with you
  • not be named as someone who has to jointly pay the Council Tax with you
  • not get any other Council Tax discount
  • not pay rent to you

You cannot claim Second Adult Rebate if you are married or have a partner, unless they are not counted for council tax purposes.

How Second Adult Rebate is worked out

To decide if you can get second adult rebate we only look at the gross income (before deductions for Tax or National Insurance) of the second adult. Your income and savings are not included when we work this out.

How much is Second Adult Rebate?

This will depend on the income of the second adult, the most that you can get is 25% off the full Council Tax bill.

Page last updated: 17 April 2020
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