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Your Borough Of Poole

Working in Partnership

Whilst the Borough of Poole is committed to providing services that improve the quality of life of people in Poole, there are many areas in which this aim can better be achieved by working in partnership with others.

The idea is simple - that by joining together with other organisations, local businesses and local people, knowledge, resources, ideas and expertise can be shared to greater effect.

Poole Partnership

Poole Partnership is the local strategic partnership for Poole. Based on the principles of opportunity, inclusion, equality and sustainable development, it exists to actively involve local people and organisations in shaping the future of the Borough. The Partnership brings together representatives from all sectors - public, private, business, voluntary and community in order to:-

  • Establish what is important to Poole people in the long-term
  • Identify what would improve their quality of life
  • Develop an action plan for improvements, the Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Ensure the actions take place and monitor and report progress through the Local Area Agreement

Currently, the Partnership's work is delivered through seven key groups, reflecting each of the themes that the Partnership has identified as essential to achieving 'The Vision for Poole' .

Relationships with other authorities

The Borough of Poole also works closely with its neighbouring authorities in the County of Dorset, and with Bournemouth Borough Council, reflecting the fact that the South East Dorset conurbation increasingly operates as a single urban area, a feature recently recognised by the Secretary of State in making changes to the draft SW Regional Spatial Strategy. Working together to ensure the sustainability of the wider sub-region is therefore vital to ensuring that the Borough can continue to flourish. Examples of this joint working include:



Economic Development

Children's Services and Education

Healthier Communities

Central and regional government

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is responsible for national policy on local government - determining its role and structure, providing guidance and funding for services, and monitoring outcomes. As the DCLG's regional representative the 'Government Office for the South West' oversees the work undertaken by the Borough of Poole on the Department's behalf.

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